5k to Marathon
5k to Marathon

Itching to dominate a local 5K? Motivated and committed to qualify for Boston? With a solid training plan and guidance even the biggest goals can be attained.

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trail runner
Ultra Marathon and Beyond
Ultra Marathon and Beyond

Ready for an adventure? Running ultra distances requires bringing together many different elements, avoid the risks of trial and error by learning from someone else.

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"James speaks directly and honestly about where I am in my training and what I need to do in order to reach my goals"

Jeremy Jones
What I Do

It’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle.

Personalized Training Plans

You want the right coach in your corner while you train for a specific race right? Personalized coaching services will not only help you train in the right direction and in the right way physically and mentally for you but they will also help you mentally prepare to run the best race possible.

Racing and Training Strategy

You’ve trained 20 weeks for a specific race and tomorrow is race day. How are you going to run the race? Training is an important aspect of running but if you don’t go into a race with a plan that will play to your natural running strengths is could cause you to miss out of capitalizing your effort.

Goal Setting

How fast can I run? Maybe, you think you can run a 15 minute 5k or 20 hour 100 miler. Are those realistic to your abilities, time, and ability to commit to training? Experience less stress and more rewarding experience by setting realistic goals you’re excited to achieve and wont leaving you wondering what if.

Race Specific Preperation

What is one race you want to run more than any other? Choosing a specific race requires understanding the unique variables that go into that race regardless if it is a flat 5k or mountainous 100 miler trust a coach to help you understand the course and train right can set you up for success.

Nutrition and Run Fueling

Should I really eat all that pizza? How many calories do I need to run a 50K? Nutrition is the defining factor in ultra distances and plays are large part in overall health for all running distances. Don’t just wing your nutrition fuel your body to perform.

Injury Prevention & Management

There is a small pain in my ankle. Should I run today? Getting to the start line is critical. No one wants to show up taped up and hoping for the best. While a coach isn’t a doctor a coach can help you balance injury and training and injury and rest. Listen to your body.

I have been training with Coach James for about two years now and have seen a significant change in my performances. I never thought I would be able to complete such challenging races.

Nadine Haluszcz

He is extremely knowledgable and set me up with a great training schedule and helped me with all my nutrition. I can confidently say I would have been nowhere near that without the help of James.

Nara Long

I’ve been running my whole life and James still had plenty to teach me.

Brad Culbertson

I look for his advice with ultra/trail racing to help me make decesions in my career. James helps me get the most out of myself and approach races without limits

Jim Walmsley